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Expanded Access of Investigational New Drug

Our clinical medication mechanism enables us to stay synchronized with the world's latest medical technology, granting us the ability to incorporate cutting-edge pharmaceuticals still in clinical trials into our therapies.

Our hospital takes pride in our clinical medication mechanism, which sets us apart in the Chinese healthcare landscape. Owing to the newly updated Regulations for Implementation of the Drug Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, we possess a unique position that allows us to incorporate foreign new drugs, still undergoing clinical trials, into our therapies. This exclusive privilege enables us to import investigational medical products from foreign countries and distribute them to patients in critical conditions, particularly when they are unable to access these promising new treatments through clinical trials.

Our dedicated medical teams collaborate closely with pharmaceutical companies to ensure the safety and efficacy of these medicines. By bypassing the conventional regulatory system imposed by the Chinese FDA, our hospital takes on the responsibility of driving innovation, providing valuable research insights, and addressing unmet medical needs through our clinical medication mechanism. This extraordinary opportunity empowers us to offer cutting-edge treatment options to patients in urgent need, contributing to the advancement of medical science and improving healthcare outcomes for those who turn to us for hope and healing.

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